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    SCF Processing

    Our 4,500 SQ FT facility permits us to utilise our SCF Processing division to its full capacity.  

    SCF Processing division consists of –

  •  SCF Materials Processing,

  • SCF Custom Manufacturing,

  • SCF Impregnation and Extrusion,

  • SCF Equipment Processing  and

  • SCF R&D Consultancy.

SCF Materials Processing

We supply materials that are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion and rotational moulding. Our range of materials include: 

  • Foaming Aids
  • Processing Aids
  • Purging Compounds
  • Biogradable Compounds

We also supply Bespoke ceramic and metallic melt processing compounds suitable for extrusion and injection moulding.

SCF Impregnation and Extraction

We have the ability and the technological know-how to impregnate plastics, ceramics fibres and porous material with added value compounds.  SCF uses expertise in utilising natural resources for greener outcomes.

 This technology has significant benefits for the pharmatech, medicals, plastics and textile industries.


At SCF Processing Equipment sector we can design and build 3D Printing equipment  or supply parts to facilitate your additive business needs.

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SCF Research & Development

SCF’s Research and Development consultancy service includes feasibility studies materials and process development.

We help our customers develop new material formulations to enhance their manufacturing capabilities.

We have expertise in plastics, ceramics, metal powder processing, biomass, soft solids and are global leaders in supercritical fluid processing technology

Custom Manufacturing

If your company is restricted by resources, such as staff or machine availability then SCF can help by making your product.

We have the experience, the production capabilities and the know how to help you.  

SCF Processing Equipment

At SCF we design and build processing equipment for batch and extrusion processes.  Our equipment for polymer synthesis, component cleaning, colouring and extraction.

SCF will design systems to match your specific needs.

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